18 colors


IVANKA Flaster tiles are pigment-dyed resistant in color to different external impacts and their shades remain the same for a longer period of time.

IVANKA offers Flaster tiles in 18 different colors making numerous variations for your space design.

Bright Colors

Basic colors

Mouse Grey


Rock Grey


Ervin Grey

Grey Brown

Special colors

SM Green

Apple Green

Sargi Yellow

Sky Blue

Dark Blue




Old Pink


Midnight Black


V3 color tone difference

V3 color tone difference: its a moderate variation, the colors present in a single piece of tile may indicate the colors to be expected on other pieces, the amount of colors might vary from piece to piece. This fact makes your IVANKA concrete Flaster tiles unique as a fingerprint, a true living material creating a true living space in this artificial world.

Color Sets - ready made offerings

Cannot decide on which color(s) to choose for your Flaster design? IVANKA offers various pre-selected and good looking options.

Available sets are: Avantgarde, London and Star. For ordering color sets please visit our web store.