User Interface

 You will start with a blank patterned screen. You can either individually color each tile using Pencil Tool or create a full screen random design using Fill Tool.


 Pencil Tool

For unique patterns Pencil Tool is your best option. You can individually color each blank Flaster tile. Just choose any of the eighteen colors and start coloring.

 Fill Tool - Ivanka Presets

A tool for pre-defined patterns that will make designing easy and fun. Just click on any of the pre-defined Random Patterns and enjoy the result.


London Color

Avantgarde Freestyle

Star Wars


 Fill Tool - Custom Pattern

You can always scale your color blending. In the lower right corner you can find Fill Randomizer configuration options.
Checkboxes next to colors show ratios. The example below illustrates how the system works.


ervin grey:1

ervin grey:10 off-white:5

ervin grey:10 off-white:cement:3

ervin grey:10 off-white:5

ervin grey:10 off-white:cement:3
tobacco:grey brown:3



 Zoom Tool