Flaster tiles

2 sizes, 3 thicknesses and 18 different colors - your customized covering solution

Flaster is a concrete floor and wall covering fostered from a traditional motive. Made from fiber reinforced high performance IVANKA concrete these tiles are available both for exterior and interior usage. Flaster tiles come in two sizes (295x295 mm and 217.5x217.5 mm) three different thicknesses (10mm, 20mm and 40mm) therefore they can be applied for floors, walls or for heavy traffic. The contemporary use of the material, the wide range of colours (eighteen different shades) and the variation of small and large modules give endless possibilities for the user to create a unique surface.


fiber reinforced high performance IVANKA concrete

Each and every IVANKA Flaster tile is made of fiber reinforced high performance concrete guaranteeing quality, extended life time and an overall premium user experience. IVANKA concrete Flaster tiles are pigment-dyed therefore their colors remain unchanged during time. Flaster tiles are freeze resistant (therefore suitable for exterior usage), their abrasion resitance is the strongest. For more techincal data please visit Technical Details section.

Flaster tiles

apply them whereever you want

IVANKA Flaster tiles come in three different thicknesses (10mm, 20mm and 40mm) therefore they are suitable for various spaces, including walls, floors and floors with heavy traffic. Being freeze resistant and unchanging in color they can be successfully used under ever-changing weather conditions and can be installed both interior and exterior areas.

10mm thick Flaster tiles are suitable for interior wall usage, 20mm thick tiles are recommended for interior & exterior floor usage while 40mm ones for heavy traffic

Whereever you would like to install Flaster tiles IVANKA offers a solution.