Download Flaster CAD files

large flaster model
height: 1cm

large flaster model
height: 2cm

large flaster model
height: 4cm

small flaster model
height: 1cm

small flaster model
height: 2cm

small flaster model
height: 4cm


Basic Colors Color  Web RGB CMYK
Mouse Grey  


R:158 G:156 B:153

C:41 M:34 Y:36 K:1



R:167 G:167 B:165

C:37 M:29 Y:31 K:0

Rock Grey  


R:95 G:95 B:96

C:62 M:54 Y:52 K:24

Off White  


R:237 G:239 B:225

C:6 M:2 Y:12 K:0

Ervin Grey  


R:169 G:159 B:138

C:36 M:33 Y:46 K:1

Grey Brown  


R:89 G:76 B:72

C:57 M:60 Y:61 K:37

Special Color Color Web RGB CMYK
SM Green  


R:97 G:129 B:112

C:64 M:35 Y:58 K:11

Apple Green  


R:177 G:200 B:132

C:33 M:8 Y:61 K:0

Sargi Yellow  


R:236 G:187 B:76

C:8 M:26 Y:82 K:0

Sky Blue  


R:165 G:185 B:197

C:36 M:19 Y:16 K:0

Dark Blue  


R:26 G:60 B:93

C:96 M:77 Y:39 K:29



R:111 G:87 B:107

C:57 M:67 Y:40 K:18



R:177 G:75 B:55

C:22 M:81 Y:84 K:12



R:213 G:170 B:158

C:16 M:35 Y:33 K:0

Old Pink  


R:194 G:151 B:141

C:24 M:42 Y:40 K:1



R:126 G:95 B:76

C:43 M:57 Y:67 K:25

Midnight Black  


R:74 G:70 B:73

C:65 M:62 Y:56 K:40



R:195 G:193 B:180

C:24 M:19 Y:28 K:0

Installation areas

IVANKA Flaster tiles are suitable for interior and exterior wall and floor usage.