For a safe load and shipping, do not stack pallets on each other unless stated otherwise and avoid stacking any other goods on pallets. Fix pallets on truck as well as possible to avoid injuries during shipping.


For a safe unload use only forklift or truck with a back-lifter. Always check the weight-limit of the lifter you use for unload and moving and be sure the weight limit is proper for the pallet. Drive the vehicle you use for unload slowly. When the pallet needs to be stored outdoors, cover it with water-resistant covering.

Proper storage of tiles

Try to avoid putting the unpacked tiles harshly on the ground to avoid chipping or other injuries. Store each tiles horizontally after unpacked. If they need to be stored stacking on each other, rotate the tiles face-to-face or back-to-backway of facing to each other. Do not stack the tiles on each other higher than 50cm.