Tile Layout

Follow the most suitable from the below instructions. 

In case the recommended method is about to be changed, we highly advise to consult with IVANKA first. IVANKA does not liable for any guarantee claims in the case of using an individual tiling method or using different tools from the recommended. We highly recommend eto employ professionals for tiling.

Always plan the design and layout first, taking into account fixtures and fittings in the room.  Measure up the required space carefully. Choose thickness according to the function, for floors use 2 or 4 cm thick tiles, for walls use 1 cm thick ones.

Concrete tiles can mostly be installed like anyother tiles, but please note there are some caveats to be aware of.

Concrete tiles are heavier than ceramic tiles.

Concrete tiles should be handled with care prior to and during installation. Avoid harshly putting down or dropping the them. Due to the weight of concrete, when installing on walls you will need to support each tile to avoid slipping.