We believe that the aging of your concrete product is a natural and aesthetically pleasing characteristic of the unique design.

As with all solid surfaces, concrete will eventually come into contact with something that will either stain, scratch, or spot the surface. Below we will address the common elements of this natural aging process and will provide some guidelines related what you can expect as a new concrete product owner.

Due to aging or temperature fluctuation natural hairline cracks on the surface might occur, which does not change the quality of the concrete material.

IVANKA Concrete products are treated with a special sealer to be resistant to most stains. This sealer provides a high degree of heat and scratch protection and a low resistance to acid spotting. It does not guarantee a full protection against any liquids, acids, oils or flizzy fluids.

It is very important to care for them properly as directed to ensure their looking great over time. Basic maintenance advice for IVANKA concrete products includes the following:

1. Try to avoid dropping anything on them. Mechanical impacts can cause cracking, which can lead to other problems.

2. Try to clean up spills within a reasonable time frame. Depending on the spill this timeframe is usually several minutes or less. Acidic substances (lemon juice) will spot the surface of your product if they remain in place for a prolonged period of time.

3. Basic cleaning. Make sure to clean up spills as quickly as possible and do routine cleaning as needed. Generally, soapy, warm water and a clean cloth is all that’s necessary to keep your product looking good. Avoid using abrasive items to clean these products. Instead, use a normal sponge or cloth (preferably micro-fiber).

4. Avoid harsh chemicals (for example lacquer thinner, acetone, denaturated alcohol), cleansers containing ammonia or bleach, or abrasive cleaners and pads when cleaning your products. Mild cleaners are the best way to clean your surfaces.