Preparing the site

Before installing FLASTER tiles it is important to evaluate the space. FLASTER can be installed on different kinds of flooring, but is imperative that the existing space is solid and durable. Check the structural requirements of the site. Note the expansion joints and other clearances. The original flooring material should be removed before you install your new tile. The new tile installation is only as good as the underlying floor.

The sub-floor must be flat and rigid to support tile. A flexing floor will cause cracks to show up in the grout later on and may cause the breaking of the tiles. If you have floor heating, use 2 mm grouts and leave 4 mm space between the tiles and the wall.

If you are tiling onto concrete, you need to make sure that the surface is flat, smooth and free from dirt and grease, repair any holes or cracks. If the concrete is new it should be left for at least 2 weeks before tiling. When tiling to walls, make sure that the supporting structure is firm, and can bear the heavier tiles. Use 1 cm thick tiles. If you are tiling onto new plaster, make sure it is completely dry. You should also check the manufacturer’s instructions, as the plaster may need a coat of primer before tiling. As a guide, you’ll need to allow 2 weeks on a skim and 6 weeks on full bond coat and skim.