Step 1

Remove the FLASTER tiles carefully from their packaging, be careful not to drop them and/or hit them against other surfaces or each other. Make sure that the bottom of the tiles is clean. Check the sizes and quantity of your tiles. Also check the size of the room and compare it with your plans. Use guides to prepare the tiling layout as with usual tiling.

Step 2

Prep your space and make sure it is as smooth as possible. Spread primer on the surface. We recommend SOPRO GD 749 for this step

Step 3

Spread the adhesive with the trowel’s notched edge, combing it out in beaded ridges. We suggest using SOPRO No.101 flexible tile adhesive for the best results. Use 0.5 cm adhesive under the whole surface of each tile. 

Step 4

If adhesive oozes up between the tiles, clean out the excess before it dries. Immediately wipe any adhesive from the face of the tiles with a solvent-soaked sponge or rag. Adhesives begin to set firmly in 20 to 30 minutes.

Step 5

After you have installed several rows of tiles, set them into the adhesive with the tile leveler and a mallet.

Step 6

After laying all the whole tiles that will fit in the allotted area, start cutting and adhering the tiles around the perimeter of the room.